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About the Boab Quest

Now in it 61st year, the Derby Boab Quest has become an integral part of the Derby Boab Festival. Each year  entrants are nominated for their outstanding work in supporting local charities through community fundraising events. The Boab Quest is a way we can all acknowledge the people in our community who give freely of their time to support those in need.

Derby Boab Quest

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2019 Results

Josh Pearce | 2019 Boab Quest Winner


Hello everyone! My name is Josh Pearce and I am the Boab Entrant for Derby District High School in 2019. I was born in England and moved to Perth in 2006. I have only recently moved to Derby as of July 2018 and what an amazing move that was.

Working in remote, rural and country communities has been a goal of mine that I have always wanted to achieve. Working at Derby DHS and with an amazing community has been truly incredible.

The funds raised through my events will go towards upgrading technology within the school. iPads, smartboards, middle school and high school STEM equipment are only some of the areas I would like to further develop for the school and for our kids. Promoting and creating more culturally aware areas around the school, is also another area of the school that funds would be going to help develop and celebrate.

I look forward to working with and supporting such an amazing community!

Layne O’Reilly | Boab Quest Charity Winner


Hi Derby town! My name is Layne O’Reilly and I am proud to say that I have been nominated to represent our local Derby Hospital in the 2019 Boab Quest!

To tell you a little bit about myself... I have lived in the Kimberley for majority of my life.  I was raised in Broome, before attended boarding school in Perth for several years throughout high school. I moved up to Derby last year and worked at One Tree Community Services for several months before commencing my employment at Derby Hospital. I am also a member of, and the secretary for the Derby Netball Association for 2019!

Throughout the duration of my employment at Derby Hospital, I have not only seen, but also experienced first handed the ways in which our hospital and all of its staff accommodate and tend to the medical and mental needs of our community. Derby Hospital facilitates not only Derby residents, but also our neighbouring communities and towns including Mowanjum, Looma, Lombadina, One Arm Point, Fitzroy and more... Despite our large efforts to be as accommodating as we possibly can be for our patients, we, like everyone have room for improvement!

It is for this reason that I am entering the 2019 Derby Boab Quest, with the goal of raising funds to renovate, revamp and modernise patient and visitor lounges at Derby Hospital to improve comfort and entertainment for all of our community during their visits to Derby Hospital.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to the months of fundraising ahead!

2018 Results

Rachael Leamy | 2018 BOAB QUEST WINNER


Hi my name is Rachael Leamy and I am the Boab Entrant for Derby District High School in 2018. I spent the first four years of my life in Fitzroy Crossing and then moved to Derby. I went to primary school at Holy Rosary School and attended boarding school from year eight until year twelve.

Growing up in Derby has been fantastic and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Working as a teacher at Derby DHS now is amazing, and it has been great to come back and work in such a fantastic community.

The funds raised will go towards upgrading the play grounds at Derby DHS. This will ensure that the children have a high quality play environment to promote purposeful and fun play. I look forward to working with and supporting such an amazing community.

Courtney Perry | 2018 Boab Quest Runner Up


Hi my name is Courteney Perry and I am entering as a Boab quest entrant for the Derby Speedway Club. I was born and raised in Derby and love this town I call home. Some of my hobbies include horse riding, fishing/camping, spending time with friends/family and racing speedway. Speedway has been a huge part of my family for as long as I can remember, both my parents and my 2 brothers have raced. Now I have my niece and nephews all racing either cars or go carts. The Derby Speedway is a family orientated club where all members of the family are encouraged to get involved while providing spectators with some fast and furious action.

The club takes pride in showcasing our home town of Derby to other drivers, competitors, spectators and tourists with our main events of the year attracting drivers from Albany in the South to Kununurra in the North. With the money raised we hope to further improve our grounds, track, infrastructure and continue to provide a safe and fun environment for people of all ages of our great town and surrounds.