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About the Boab Quest

Now in its 63rd year, the Derby Boab Quest has become an integral part of the Derby Boab Festival. Each year entrants are nominated for their outstanding work in supporting local charities through community fundraising events. The Boab Quest is a way we can all acknowledge the people in our community who give freely of their time to support those in need.

Derby Boab Quest

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Queries please contact:

Colleen Duffin | 0449 130 536
e-mail: boabquest2020@gmail.com

2023 Entrants

Entrant 1 - Representing the Derby Speedway Club

Hello my name is Katarzyna Nowak; Quest pic Kat Nowak outdoors.jpg 

Hello Derby Town, most of you know me as Kat, I have lived in Derby for 6 years now and have worn many different hats over the years in this Community.

I am currently working as a Placements Services Officer for the Department of Communities. I am a Volunteer State Emergency Services (SES) member, a Combat Support Officer for Norforce and an active member of the Positive Steps exercise group. I am also a fulltime mum, partner and fur baby owner who races at the Derby Speedway Club in the Production Division. My hope is that by raising funds for the Derby Speedway club we can work together to improve and update the facilities which will attract more families, children, and adults to have a go or spend the night out watching some amazing races.

The reason I love living in Derby is because of the people I have met. You, as residents of this town, are the reason I am here and make this place what it is. Through my affiliations with various activities in town I have met the most humble, down to earth, caring and supportive individuals and families who I am pleased to say made this amazing place my home. Without support of this town, I would not be where I am today. So, its time to give back to those whohave contributed to my success; YOU!

Quest pic Kat  Nowak wild life.jpg          I thank you for your support Derby town; I hope to see you at the engaging and colourful upcoming events.

Entrant 2 - Representing the Derby West Kimberley Air Country Woman's Association of WA (CWA)

Hello, my name is Katlyn Yeeda,

I am a Warrwa woman from Derby town.Quest Pic Katlyn Yeeda or the Derby Jetty Queen.png


You might also know me as ‘The Jetty Queen’ because of my love of fishing and the big catches that I have pull in using a hand reel off the Jetty. For me it is all about fishing and my boy Raffy.

Quest Pic Katlyn Yeeda as the Derby Jetty Queen.jpg  #derbyjettyqueen

I work at the at The Derby Visitors’ Centre Visitors advising clients where and how to find the best local fishing spots. I love to share my experiences and knowledge of fishing and The Kimberley. I am also a Director and Treasurer for the local Warrawa Corporation.

The funds raised will go towards the cost of repairs to the CWA cottage, at 41 Clarendon Street Derby. The cottage is the heart of the Derby and the CWA and plays an essential role in providing for the Derby Community

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to hosting some amazing fundraising events for you all.

2021 Entrants

Deanella Purdie | Holy Rosary School

NSYJ7665 (2).JPG

Hello Derby Town!
I am known as DeeDee. This year I will be stepping out of my comfort zone to represent Holy Rosary School, the amazing staff and students in thec 2021 Boab Quest.

I am a kija woman, born and raised in Wyndham but have family connections throughout the Kimberley Region. I have been living in Derby for 2 and a half years, with  my amazing partner and 2 beautiful daughters.

I sit on the Holy Rosary School board and also am a member of the P&F(Parents and Friends) Association.Whilst volunteering my time for Holy Rosary, I also work full time as a Youth Justice Officer with the Department of Justice, a dedicated mother to my two girls and a player for the Derby Tigers Womens football league.

The funds raised will go towards new technology for Holy Rosary students and an upgrade in resources for the school.

Thankyou for your support, and I look forward to hosting some amazing fundraising events for you all.

Thanks again and God Bless!

Holly Leporati | Derby District High School


" Hi there everyone! My name is Holly Leporati, and I am excited to be the Boab Entrant for Derby District High School in the 2021 Boab Quest!

I was born and raised in Cairns and have been living in the Kimberley with my family for the past 3 years. My partner was born in Derby and it was one of his dreams to show our children how he grew up and for them to attend the same school that he had.

Since living in Derby I have found a career path that I am so passionate about, being a Special Needs Education Assistant is incredibly rewarding. I have learnt so much and have created such amazing relationships that I will carry with me forever. My time in Derby has been full of fun, I had the pleasure of being a part of the Derby Netball Club and the Derby Speedway Club. I was lucky enough to experience racing firsthand in my partners car and in my first ever race wrecked the car and broke my heal. It has been a pleasure to be a part of such a great and supportive community.

The funds raised will go towards getting a wheelchair swing for Derby District High School and other resources and equipment to get the best out of our Special Needs Department. 

Thank you for your support and I look forward to the supporting this awesome community! "

Linda De Haan | Red Shed Womens Shed


My name is Linda De Haan and I have been in Derby for the past 8 years and am currently work at the prison as the psychologist. I love living in Derby and being part of this amazing community.  I have been fortunate enough to have made some great friends and now call myself a local. I enjoy spending time in my new garden and I belong to a number of community committees in Derby. I would call myself a gym junkie, but then also a food junkie. The group that I am supporting is the Red Shed – Women’s Shed. This is a new group that has been formed at the end of last year to encourage women to get together to share skills and inspire women to become creative and challenge themselves to learning new skills. There is a whole range of talent in Derby which we would like to capture such as cooking, cake decorating, mechanics, gardening, horticulture you name it we will try to do it.

2019 Results

Josh Pearce | 2019 Boab Quest Winner


Hello everyone! My name is Josh Pearce and I am the Boab Entrant for Derby District High School in 2019. I was born in England and moved to Perth in 2006. I have only recently moved to Derby as of July 2018 and what an amazing move that was.

Working in remote, rural and country communities has been a goal of mine that I have always wanted to achieve. Working at Derby DHS and with an amazing community has been truly incredible.

The funds raised through my events will go towards upgrading technology within the school. iPads, smartboards, middle school and high school STEM equipment are only some of the areas I would like to further develop for the school and for our kids. Promoting and creating more culturally aware areas around the school, is also another area of the school that funds would be going to help develop and celebrate.

I look forward to working with and supporting such an amazing community!

Layne O’Reilly | Boab Quest Charity Winner


Hi Derby town! My name is Layne O’Reilly and I am proud to say that I have been nominated to represent our local Derby Hospital in the 2019 Boab Quest!

To tell you a little bit about myself... I have lived in the Kimberley for majority of my life.  I was raised in Broome, before attended boarding school in Perth for several years throughout high school. I moved up to Derby last year and worked at One Tree Community Services for several months before commencing my employment at Derby Hospital. I am also a member of, and the secretary for the Derby Netball Association for 2019!

Throughout the duration of my employment at Derby Hospital, I have not only seen, but also experienced first handed the ways in which our hospital and all of its staff accommodate and tend to the medical and mental needs of our community. Derby Hospital facilitates not only Derby residents, but also our neighbouring communities and towns including Mowanjum, Looma, Lombadina, One Arm Point, Fitzroy and more... Despite our large efforts to be as accommodating as we possibly can be for our patients, we, like everyone have room for improvement!

It is for this reason that I am entering the 2019 Derby Boab Quest, with the goal of raising funds to renovate, revamp and modernise patient and visitor lounges at Derby Hospital to improve comfort and entertainment for all of our community during their visits to Derby Hospital.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to the months of fundraising ahead!